The Story Behind Our Company

We've been bringing Lancaster, PA fine natural products for over ten years.

Sheryl Hazzard started Pineapple House Creations over ten years ago out of her own home. The business exists because she wanted to hand craft a quality and all natural product that she felt comfortable using in her own home and on her own body – with ingredients you could actually pronounce.

Our name means hospitality and being welcome. We love that our customers can embrace this meaning by using our quality products in their own home. We started this business to create a product that we feel comfortable using in our own home and on our own bodies – no harsh scary chemicals here.

About the Ingredients in Our Products

All of our ingredients are 100% natural, organic and paraben free. All of our candles are soy based for long, natural burning. Our body product ingredients range from essential oils, to natural sea salts and shea butters. We love every product we create and want to be sure you and your body do too!